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You Will Not Believe What Is Hidden In This Wooded Forest

It's time to book your plane ticket and go on an adventure!

Once you arrive at your destination, you can get a treasure map that leads you into a lush forest where you are searching for something spectacular.

Each location comes with a poem to give you a little more insight into what you are looking at.

Danish artist Thomas Dambo works on large-scale sculptures using recycled materials. He has completed 25 wooden works around the world in just under 3 years.

His latest project The Six Forgotten Giants, is based out of his hometown of Copenhagen, and it is a showstopper!

All the giants are produced from recycled wood, materials that were gathered from pallets, a shed, old fence and other sources from the area.

Together with his team of volunteers they have hidden these friendly giants throughout the city's forests for people to discover, and they are absolutely breath-taking!



They can turn up anywhere, from a clearing in the forest, to in among the trees, they are a natural beauty.



I have definitely added this to my travel bucket list, will you?