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You Wont Believe All the Uses Vaseline Has!

I was having trouble removing a ring from my finger so I looked online to see what could help, and that's when I came across so many uses for Vaseline. You won't believe all the tips and tricks there are to having this product in your household. It's definitely something that should have a permanent home in your medicine closet.


1. Keep tattoos moisturized

2. Sore ears from wearing earrings? Try adding a bit of vaseline to your earing stud, and then putting it on.

3. Help remove stuck on rings.

4. Help unstick stubborn zippers.

5. Make your perfume scent last longer throughout the day.

6. Prevent getting nail polish on your finger while painting your nails - get the perfect manicure.

7. Use as a lip balm.

8. Help heal your dry cracked heels.

9. Use as a moisturizer for after shaving.

10. Help hide split ends