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You Won't See Anything Cuter Than This Pregnant Dog's Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy is a pretty magical time for a woman. She is growing a life and it's a time that deserves to be remembered. Even when that lady is a dog, and she is actually growing a lot of lives.

This precious pup was pregnant and a photographer decided that she deserved the full model treatment. The results are absolute perfection. It should be law that all dogs get maternity shoots, because this is the cutest thing.

Meet Lilica, mother-to-be and super model.

Lilica's romance with the boy next door may have been unexpected, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the best treatment around.

Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo was a friend of the family and she decided that Lilica deserved a full photo shoot to show off her baby bump, and Lilica happily accepted.

She was a good sport and loved the pampering, giving big smiles and sweet poses. She's a natural!

Not too long after her glamorous photo shoot Lilica gave birth to five happy and healthy babies who found homes with family members so Lilica will be able to visit!

You can pretend that you have seen a better maternity photo shoot, but you would be wrong. Look at her!

Seriously, nothing is cuter than this!

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