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This Loving Mama Cat Nursed 14 Little Babies Back To Life

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Izabelle the tabby cat gave birth to a litter of adorable kittens. Normally, it would have been an occasion to celebrate, but two other 'sister' cats gave birth to their litters at the same time.

Their owners were overwhelmed by the sudden influx of babies and so were the other mama cats. The other cats had a hard time nursing their kittens and the little ones were slowly going hungry.

So Izabelle stepped in...

She began to nurse not only her litter, but two other litters of kittens! She now has 14 babies under her loving care.

"While people often take kittens to shelters, thinking it will be easy for them to be adopted, that’s not the case when kittens are just a few weeks or only a few days old," says Nicole Hamilton from Best Friends Animal Society.

She goes on to explain that it can take several weeks of care and space at the shelter before kittens younger than eight weeks old are ready to be adopted.

"While kittens are usually adopted very quickly, it takes a lot of time and work to get them ready for their big day."

Sadly, her owners decided to surrender Izabelle and all 14 babies to the animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). But they wouldn't be homeless for very long!

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