You'll Want To Try This Simple Yoga For Fast Arthritis Relief

Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in America today, and according to the Arthritis Foundtion, People with arthritis or a rheumatic condition lose more workdays every year due to illness or injury than adults with any other medical condition.

You can ease the pain of arthritis in your hands and wrists by practicing these simple stretches a few minutes every day.

Special thanks to Brittany Bryden, Yoga Instructor for these great tips and to Pure Yoga Ottawa for the use of their gorgeous studio!

Table (Hands In Extension)

  • Start on all fours
  • Press down through all of your fingers
  • Slowly shift your weight in a circular motion
  • Turn your hands all the way around so your fingers face your knees
  • Lean back as you lift your palms off the floor

Single Wrist Pulls

  • Extend your arms
  • Stretch each finger separately by pulling it back towards you
  • Hold each stretch for 30 seconds

Fist & Wrist Rolls

  • Keep a tight fist as you roll your hands forward and back

Fist Flex

  • Spread your fingers out
  • Close your hands into a tight fist
  • Open and close as quickly as you can