Your Cell Phone Might Be Damaging Your Skin And This Is How To Stop It

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Your Cell Phone Might Be Damaging Your Skin And This Is How To Stop It


We now know that our cell phones are bad for our sleep and our health, but did you know they are also bad for our skin?

The blue-light that is emitted from our phones, tablets and computer screens can actually cause aging on our skin. So no, you are not getting one more wrinkle every time you use your phone, but overexposure to excessive blue light accelerates the oxidation process, which causes inflammation and damages the skin barrier, making it more prone to signs of aging, increased uneven skin tone, dullness, pigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Your phone can also cause pimples or breakouts. This happens because our phones are essentially dirtier than a public washroom. They are a magnet for bacteria, which all ends up on your skin when you take a phone call.

Even though we love and care about our skin, there is little chance that any of us will give up our devices for it. If you have that kind of dedication to give up your devices, than you can have beautiful skin again!

If you're like the rest of us, and the thought of that is ridiculous, here are some ways you can prevent these things from happening.


This won't solve everything, but for the acne problem, switch to using Bluetooth, speakerphone or even use your headphones to take phone calls. This will ensure your face is never in direct contact with your phone's screen so it won't cause breakouts.


Try buying skin products that have SPF in them. This may sound crazy but our screens act like the sun in a way, and SPF can prevent damages. Many skin care products have SPF already in them, so you don't need to be putting sunscreen on your face everyday while it's freezing outside. You can find SPF in moisturizers, foundation, and BB or CC creams. It is usually clearly stated on the front of the product and incredibly easy to find. Using one of these products can prevent the blue light from breaking the barrier between the SPF and your skin, this way it can't get damaged.

Massage your face

This one may also seem odd but massaging you face can remove damage from your skin caused by cellphones. There is no special trick to this and it is as easy as it sounds. Spend two minutes a day doing this and you will notice a difference. If you don't want to use your hands you can purchase a bristle facial brush to use. These are very inexpensive and have the same effect as massaging your face. If massaging your face doesn’t work, you can always try ClearifiRx, a customized prescription-strength cream, to help restore skin tone and appearance.

Don't freak out about aging because of your phone! These damages can be prevented or minimized by trying these few tips.