Your Decaf Coffee Is Killing The Earth

Decaf coffee belongs in two places and two places only:

1) Nowhere.

2) In the trash.

Ya, you heard me. I won't sit here and tolerate opinions of "I drink coffee because it tastes good." No, it doesn't. Stop lying to yourself.

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As if you needed another reason to stop drinking decaf besides it really just being bean water with no purpose, it turns out your decaf coffee (and tea) are killing the environment. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

Continue reading to find out how it's happening.

According to a new study done by researchers at Lancaster University, there's a chemical called dichloromethane used in the decaffeinating process which harms the ozone layer and is depleting our Earth's health.

“Unlike chlorofluorocarbons and similar long-lived gases that are responsible for most ozone depletion, dichloromethane has a short atmospheric lifetime so has not been controlled by the Montreal Protocol,” said Ryan Hossaini from Lancaster University. “Despite this, increased production has led to a rapid increase in its atmospheric concentration over the past decade."

Researchers aren't quite sure WHAT is causing the increase in dichloromethane, but they know it's not good. According to the study, if we keep increasing our use of the chemical at the current rate, it would delay the repair of the ozone layer over Antarctica by 30 years. However, if we stay the current level, recovery would only be delayed by 5 years.

Also, if people started drinking more caffeinated coffee, it would benefit everyone because think of how efficient we'd all be!

Do you drink decaf coffee? Let us know!