Your Fitting Room Be Spying On You And You Won't Even Know

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Technology has transformed the world in a multitude of ways. Most people will say that this change is for the better - everything seems to be a lot more convenient and accessible than it had been in the past.

But every so often we are reminded that the rapid advancement in technology does come with negative side effects and now more than ever we need to be extra vigilant in order to protect ourselves from preying eyes.

While we're busy being concerned about who is watching us or obtaining our information while using the internet, we tend to forget that there are other ways in which criminals are keeping track of what we do. In some cases it is as easy as installing a coat hook in unexpected places.

In recent years, there have been multiple reports of hooks in hotel rooms, bathrooms and fitting rooms being used to spy on unsuspecting innocent people.

Criminals swap the standard hooks with a high-tech alternative that includes a tiny camera which is used to record people's activities without their knowledge.

So how can you spot these camera-embedded hooks?

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