Your Pet Peeve May Actually Mean You're A Creative Genius

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I will start with a personal anecdote to help you understand where I am coming from.

I was in labor with my daughter for 26 hours. While that is an incredibly long time for anyone to go through waves of pain, I understand it can be a long time for bystanders as well.

Naturally during that time, one is bound to get hungry. That's why I packed a bag of snacks for my husband to eat while we waited for our daughter to make her way out. What I didn't count on was the incredibly loud noises he made while he was indulging in the snacks I couldn't eat because I was bringing a human into the world.

I remember the feelings of frustration, anger and the need to wring his neck for chewing louder than a dump truck backing into a brick building. Not only did it make my blood boil, but it was very distracting for the task that I had in front of me.

Ever since that experience, I can't help but hone in when someone is devouring a crunchy treat or making a slobbery mess when they eat a bowl of cereal.

Quickly loud chewing has topped my chart of biggest pet peeve and the sound of someone eating just makes my skin crawl.

Well it turns out, I am not alone. In fact, I may actually be a genius.

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