Is It Possible To Drink Water Wrong? Some People Think So

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Drinking enough water every day is essential for our health. Because we lose so much water each day, it is extremely important to replace that water lost.

Water has an endless list of benefits to our bodies. It can help us lose weight, clear our skin, and just keep our bodies overall healthier. If you're not sure if you're drinking enough water see: 10 Ways Your Body Tells You To Drink More Water.

Something many people don't know is that it actually matters the way we drink water, to allow ourselves to get the maximum amount of nutrients from the water we're drinking.

For example, chugging water doesn't allow your body to have time to absorb all the nutrients it has. Getting our eight glasses a day is hard enough, now science is saying that it is unhealthy to drink water while standing up. Now your thirst will have to wait until you have somewhere to sit down.

Not only does your body not receive all the nutrients from drinking water standing up, it can also have negative health consequences on your body. Here are five things that could happen if you drink water standing up:

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