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You've Been Carrying Your Car Seat The Wrong Way And Didn't Know It

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Do you have a baby in a car seat? Then you know that these awkward, heavy bucket-seats can be a strain on your entire body as you're hauling your baby around.

Whether you're going from just the car into the house or you're somehow braving a long-distance trek, carrying a baby around in a car seat can do a number on your posture.

Did you know that  there is a way to carry them without hurting your back, shoulder or hips?

Bridge Family Chiropractic shared a video on Facebook about the proper way to carry a baby in a car seat and it's going to change the way you travel with your little one!

Most people loop their arm through the top of the handle of the car seat and rest it in the crook of their arm to carry it.

For those who have solid grip strength, they may choose to carry the handle with just their hand, which can get tiring very quickly.

Others who may have a heavier baby or not as much arm strength will carry the car seat with both hands.

Did you know there's a better way of doing it that you haven't thought of?

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