How To

You've Probably Been Folding Sheets Wrong Your Entire Life

I dread laundry day. Mostly because I can never manage to fold my fitted sheets and I end up rolling them into a ball and shoving them in the closet. Out of sight, out of mind! When I found out there was a way to fold these seemingly unfoldable sheets, it changed my laundry days forever!


While standing, start with your sheet inside out and your hands in the corners.

Next, bring your palms together and fold the right corner over the left.

Switch hands and put your right hand into the corner. Use your left hand to straighten out the edges.

Bring your palms together again and fold the right corner over the left. Straighten the edge with your right hand.

Fold the side down to create a rectangle.

Lay the sheet down with the edges facing up.

Fold into thirds lengthwise.

Fold into thirds again.

Now your fitted sheet is perfectly folded! How cool is that?