You've Probably Been Using The Wrong Glass This Whole Time

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When it comes to serving alcohol, most people reach for whatever they have in the cupboard. But choosing the right vessel can make a difference between a good drink and a great one.

Have you ever wondered exactly why each glass has a different shape? It's not only about presentation, but actually more about the science behind each type of drink.

When you go out to a fancy restaurant, have you ever noticed that there are three glasses arranged at your spot on the table? One is for water and two are for wine, but which one is which?

Navigate your table settings and find the right glass for the job. Whether you're starting the meal or finishing it, there's a glass for every drink you can think of:

A standard wine glass has a stem, which prevents heat from your hand being transferred to the wine. Since aroma is important when enjoying wine, the rim should be wide enough that you can fit your nose in the glass while you take a sip.

Rule of thumb: broad opening for red wines, narrow opening for whites.

This is your everything glass. Some restaurants might provide a tumbler for table wine. It doesn't require much handling and often comes in temperature controlled, so there's no need for a stem.

The rim is should be wide enough to get your nose in while you drink, but it's not curved to trap the vapors like a typical wine glass.

Smaller than a wine glass, they also feature stemware to keep the temperature controlled. Dessert wine is usually very sweet, so the opening is narrower to allow for smaller sips. Since aroma isn't important, you don't need to get your nose in there when you drink.

The smallest of the stemware, its bulb shape at the bottom helps to maintain temperature, while the flare upwards gives you a nice little bit of aroma.

These glasses are small because the alcohol you drink from them is typically pretty strong stuff. You'd usually drink with it as a digestif, after a heavy meal.

Scroll through to find out why we drink martinis in one glass and champagne in another...

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