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Your Zodiac Sign Reveals How You Will Be Spending The Holiday Season

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With Christmas right around the corner, we are all busy preparing. Whether it's decorating the tree, baking the snacks, or buying gifts for your loved ones, we all handle Christmas in our own way.

However, it turns out that when we were born can actually influence how we prepare for the big day. It makes a lot of sense, as our zodiac sign seems to influence our personalities in some pretty noticeable ways. Because of this influence, we all have our own techniques for handling the holiday. How does your zodiac sign impact your Christmas preparations?


Aquarius - January 20th to February 18th

They are original and expressive, so they tend to spend their Christmas holidays making everything as unique as possible. Whether it's making their own tree ornaments, or making parody versions of all their favorite Christmas carols, they will absolutely make the holiday their own.

Pisces - February 19th to March 20th

Pisces are kind and intuitive, making them the best secret Santa you could ask for. They always go above and beyond for the people in their lives, sparing no expense to make sure they all have the merriest Christmas of all.

Aries - March 21st to April 19th

They are enthusiastic and confident, so as soon they feel that chill in the air they start getting their lists ready. They have a list for everything, whether it's Christmas gifts to buy, or gifts they want to ask for, an Aries is always prepared.


Taurus - April 20th to May 20th

They are the most likely to be found sneaking a bite of turkey or taste testing the cookie batter. The food is their primary focus of the holiday but luckily they are reliable enough to bring the best dish with them to the potluck.

Gemini - May 21st to June 20th

A Gemini will thrive in the chaos of Christmas shopping, and will often get a head start. Black Friday is the perfect day to jump in, and they are often able to handle the crowds better than others.

Cancer - June 21st to July 22nd

They are all about the family. They plan the best Christmas events, making sure to schedule it weeks, or even months in advance so that the entire family will be together for sure.

What about the rest of the zodiac signs?

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