Zoos Started "Reviewing" Their Animals, And The Results Were Too Funny

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Minnesota Zoo

As anyone who has ever tried online shopping can tell you, the first rule to remember is "buyer beware."

Whether you get something that's too small, or not quite what you asked for, buying from an online store can feel like a crapshoot.

That's why it's so important to read reviews from other customers, to learn what they would recommend.

Zoos around the world tried to recreate the spirit of those customer reviews with a new online challenge, #RateASpecies.

As you can see, these zoos had a lot of fun monkeying around on Twitter:

1. This sunfish gets two fins up

Monterey Bay Aquarium / Twitter

2. Later, gator

Archival Genomics / Twitter

3. You otter know about this fine product

Monterey Bay Aquarium / Twitter

4. Zoos are just batty for this one

Oregon Zoo / Twitter

5. Happy as a frog on a lily pad

Josh's Frogs / Twitter

6. Only four stars? I'm hopping mad

Woodland Park Zoo / Twitter

7. What birdbrain gave this five stars?

Katherine O'Reilly / Twitter

8. Always a shame when they don't look like the picture on the website

Slartibartfast / Twitter

9. Ooh, it comes in a range of colors

CA Academy of Sciences / Twitter

10. This purchase was a peng-win

New England Aquarium / Twitter

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