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10 Celebrities Who Are Related To Queen Elizabeth II

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For many, Queen Elizabeth II is the biggest celebrity there is. So, it should be no surprise then that many of her distant relatives are celebrities in their own right. She comes from a long, complicated line of royal blood and a family that spread far and wide.

No wonder a hop, skip and a jump away, her distant cousins are shining stars in the United States. While some are quite far down the line in relatedness, there is one celebrity who is said to be the "most royal" star of them all.

Scroll through to see the bonus connection that no one was expecting!

Tom Hanks

Through his father's family, Tom Hanks is a descendent of King John of England. The Monarch reigned from 1199 to 1216 and, yes, he is the inspiration for the evil king from the Robin Hood stories.

Hanks is also the 24th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Uma Thurman

Is anyone else not surprised by this one? I mean, just look at her, she's clearly descended of royalty. Uma Thurman is directly descended from Edward Longshanks, King Edward I of England, who ruled from 1272 to 1307.

Like most rulers back then, he wasn't a very nice dude either. He was known as the "Hammer of the Scots" because he so brutally treated the Scottish people. Longshanks fathered many children in his day and it is through them, that Uma is also a 21st cousin, once removed, of Queen Elizabeth II.

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal

This dazzling family duo are related to Edward III, King of England from 1327 to his death in 1377. Edward III is responsible for transforming England into one of the most formidable European military powers.

The siblings are 19th cousins to Queen Elizabeth II and also descendants of Swedish royalty, the house Gyllenhaal.

Hugh Grant

Another celebrity with several royal connections: King James IV of Scotland and King Henry VII of England, who was also the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I.

Paris Hilton

She is a 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II through her father's family. Their shared ancestor is King Henry II.

See five more royal-blooded celebrities, including one is is the most closely related to Queen Elizabeth II on the next page!

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