10 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Make The World Seem Like A Much Better Place

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Sometimes we all need a reminder of all the great things that take place everyday in every corner of the world.

We don't always hear about people's selfless gestures, but every so often someone shares a story of a random act of kindness that renews our faith in humanity. These also prove that despite all the negative events happening in the world, there is still plenty of good.

Here are 10 stories from Reddit and Quora that highlight the random acts of kindness performed by people for complete strangers:

1. The Christmas surprise


"My husband is in the navy, and due to deployment missed the birth of our son and would be missing his first Christmas. We were devastated by this. It was Thanksgiving week, and my husband had duty, he had to spend the night on the boat. We had very little money, but I really wanted to decorate the house for Christmas a little and get a tiny tree, I maybe had $40 for both tree and decorations. So I go to a certain orange home improvement chain store and unfortunately they started selling their real trees black Friday, and my husband would be gone by then. I found a worker, explained my situation and asked if they could possibly sell me one earlier. The lady talks to her manager for a minute, then leads me outside to the locked tree area. I ask her which ones were the cheapest, then she told me her manager said to let me have any tree I wanted for FREE!

Because of their kindness I was able to give my husband an amazing first Christmas with our firstborn. And the look on his face when he walked in and saw everything decked out was absolutely priceless. I will never forget those kind people."

- j_platypus.

2. The lovely chap

my LifeSite

"My friend Chris is an all round lovely chap. He was out for dinner with his then girlfriend (now wife) and got chatting to an older couple over dinner. They turned out to get on incredibly well, and were saying that when they were young they'd eat out in restaurants frequently, as Chris and his GF did at the time, but since retiring their pensions couldn't cover the expense as easily as they once could so now it was an extremely rare occurrence indeed.

On his way out Chris, who is by no means a rich guy at all, spoke to one of the waiters to pay off the couple's current bill plus left £50 for any deserts of drinks they could possibly want. He left a note thanking them for all their advice etc. then just walked out the restaurant without saying anything to them."

- Hanshen.

3. The selfless bus driver

Daily Mail

"This really won't sound like much but it's the nicest thing I've ever seen a person do in my short 19 years of living.

My bus takes two different routes around my village and they go in opposite directions. An old lady who could barely walk got on the bus one day and the driver purposely drove to the other route that he wasn't supposed to take. He took her as close to her house as possible (she was a regular) and then helped her to cross the road. He then turned the bus around and continued onto the correct route that he should've been taking. Every single person on that bus was smiling that day."

- FindingAUsername.

4. The priceless act

CBS Los Angeles

"I worked at a shoe store. A mom was telling her son that she couldn't afford his shoes tonight, but she would have us hold them in hopes she could scrape up the money and come back and pay for them. A woman overheard her, and when the woman left the lady came up to me. "See those shoes on hold? I want to pay for them. Tell the lady when she comes back they're already paid for." I said, "are you sure? They're 70 dollars." (Basketball shoes) she said, "I don't care how much they are, put them on my ticket." And she left.

The woman came to buy the shoes for her son the next day, and her face when she found out a stranger paid for them was priceless."

- Currywursts.

5. The generous kid

Huffington Post

"This little 4-5 Y.o. kid was asking for some money from his dad for a toy he saw while walking in the town square/market. His dad gave him the money and on his way to the vendor he saw a old man with a begging cup. He drooped the money in the old mans cup and went back to his dad.

It was me when i was a kid."

- Anonymous.

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