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7 Unsettling Facts About Nukes That Will Keep You Up At Night

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With growing concerns about a potential nuclear war making waves in recent news reports, many people are wondering just how bad it could be.

The answer? Bad. Really bad.

According to a recent Maclean's article, if North Korea's Kim Jong-Un launches a missile, it would take just 40 minutes to reach Manhattan and the death toll could reach the hundreds of thousands.

If that doesn't keep you up at night, these seven other facts certainly will:

7. The average regular sized nuclear weapon that detonated over a city would burn away 40-65 square miles in the blink of an eye.

No one in an area of about 40-65 square miles of a blast would survive.

6. A widespread nuclear war would send 150 million tons of smoke into Earth's atmosphere, creating a nuclear winter colder than the Ice Age.

It would very quickly block 70 % of sunlight from reaching the Northern Hemisphere and 35% of sunlight from reaching the Southern Hemisphere.

Growing seasons would be completely eliminated for more than a decade and cause most humans and large animal populations to die of starvation.

5. A launch code that would have sent Hundreds of U.S. nuclear missile into the air was set to 00000000.

Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, ordered the military to install an extra set of numbers, which only a higher authority could use to turn the system on and arm the nukes.

Until 1977, this very important code that was meant to prevent the accidental or unauthorized launch of U.S. nuclear weapons was set to 00000000.

Do you know how many nuclear missiles it takes to destroy every living thing?

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