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15 Awful Truths About 'Twilight Sleep' That Will Make You Glad Mothers Don't Do This Anymore

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Believe it or not, from 1914 all the way up to the 1960's, it was common practice to heavily sedate laboring women right before they delivered their babies.

"Twilight sleep' became wildly popular with the feminist movement in America after two journalists reported on the procedure in a popular woman't magazine.

It appeared to be a way for women to "take control of labor," and as the demand for 'twilight sleep' escalated, hospitals and doctors rushed to put the risky procedure into practice...

It Erased Memory of the Birth

One of the drugs used to relieve a woman of the pain of birth actually erased her memory of the whole process.

The drug was called scopolamine and it comes from the deadly nightshade plant. It causes the user to become semi-conscious and gives them a form of amnesia.

But They Had Horrible Flashbacks

The same drug that erased their memory also caused horrible flashbacks. Bits and pieces of the traumatic events would often come back to them - sometimes years later....

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