15 Beautiful Granny Pods That Could Be The Solution To Nursing Homes

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You've probably heard of the mother-in-law suite, a separate apartment either in the basement or main floor of a family home. It's often built into or added on as an addition to the home of an adult child.

Although it is wonderful to have that kind of accessibility and the loving support of your family, some people find the mother-in-law suite to be a bit too close for comfort.

The newest trend of in-law housing arrangements is the Granny Pod. These tiny homes built onto the property, behind the main house are the perfect living quarters for the retired senior in need of some assistance with daily living.

These beautiful homes come in all shapes and sizes. It's not hard to see why they've become so popular within the last few years. Just look at these pictures!

The pods allow for more privacy for both caregiver and senior, and let the older parent keep more independence. They're smaller than a home, but larger than a room, and can look incredible!

AARP estimates that over 23 million Americans take care of their elderly parents. That's a lot of people under strain and pressure. These pods could be the solution many of them are looking for.

Granny Pods can also be specifically customized for the resident's needs. Being made more accessible or having medical features like oxygen tanks.

Each pod is pre-fabricated, making them more affordable than constructing it on the property.

Meant to be placed in backyards, the Granny Pods hook right up to the existing homes sewer and power lines.

They very in all shapes and sizes, but the Granny Pods are undeniably gorgeous. See for yourself.

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