27 Pictures From The Solar Eclipse You Don't Need Glasses To Look At

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The solar eclipse was one of the most anticipated events of 2017. People spent years preparing for it, building spots to watch, buying cameras, and producing glasses that could be used to stare right at the sun.

After all the hype, the eclipse came and went. Unless you were lucky enough to have an extremely powerful camera, any picture you tried to take probably just ended up like this:

My failed attempt at a good picture of the eclipse. Personal Image

Lucky for us, there were a lot of people who DID manage to capture incredible pictures of the eclipse, and believe me when I say they are nothing short of breathtaking.

1. Credit to Lux Obscura (Flickr)

2. Credit to NASA

3. Credit to NASA/SDO

4. Credit to Karl Shakur

5. Credit to Mikey_dude (Reddit)

6. Credit to Bryan Minear

Someone even managed to get a picture from the plane!

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