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70 Years Later, A WW2 Secret Leads To Amazing Discovery In Old Family Home

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Daily Mail

Rudi Schlattener made a surprising call to the Czechoslovakian village of Libouch in 2015. He told local officials that he had lived in the village as a child in the well preserved wooden villa that Libouch now used as a kindergarten classroom. As fun as it is to hear about the past from those who actually lived it, Schlattener wasn't calling just to catch up on the times.

Daily Mail

He wanted to finally reveal the location of the treasure that had been hidden 70 years ago by his family, and he wanted to help identify it.

Daily Mail

At the age of 13, Rudi and his family were forced to flee Czechoslovakia. As ethnic Germans they were the target of fear and resentment, they along with hundreds of thousands of others were forced to leave over their ancestral heritage. Rudi's family was lucky, they were sent to West-Germany as opposed to Soviet controlled East-Germany.


When the Schlatteners were forced to flee, they had to leave the lion's share of their personal family belongings behind. Before leaving everything they had, Rudi's father left behind a secret that only he knew about.

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