74-Year-Old Hiker Films Terrifying Encounter With Grizzly Bear Family [VIDEO]

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If you thought pesky bugs were all you had to worry about while camping, you thought wrong. After this story, you might want to start learning how to escape a bear encounter before your next trip.

Geoffrey Glassner, a 74-year-old avid outdoorsman, was out on for his first hike through Alaska's Katmai National Park when he suddenly noticed he had uninvited company. A grizzly bear family composed of a mama bear and her cubs were tailing him through the wilderness.

A grizzly bear family at Katmai National Park, AlaskaGrant Ordelheide

"The cubs were out in front of mom and I was interested in them," he told Inside Edition. "My biggest fear was that they would get close to me and mama bear thought I was a threat and would attack me."

In a situation where most people would attempt to run or freeze in fear, Glassner started to walk backwards while filming the scene with his cell phone camera. Despite feeling fear, which was evident in the camera's instability, the hiker remained calm to avoid frightening the bears.

Geoffrey Glassner

“Oh come on guys, give me a break,” Glassner can be heard saying in the video as the grizzlies got closer.

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