A Hilarious Halloween Trick Could End Up With 3 Teenagers In Jail

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Halloween is one of those times of year where people are given a little bit extra leeway when it comes to their antics, especially those involving costumes and pranks. Three teenagers in New Jersey could be facing arrests for what I consider to be a harmless prank.

The three teens came up with a funny plan. Two of them would dress in camouflage suits covered in brush, and they would hide in the bushes along a local walking path. The third member of the group would act as a lookout to let the "bushes" know when someone was coming down the path.

When the intended mark would get close enough, the bushes would say "hello", thus giving whoever was walking by a friendly little scare.

Nutty News Today

Elisa Rodriguez, who was one of the people who wandered down the path and heard funny voices coming out of the bushes thought it was hilarious, and that the teens should be applauded for their ingenuity and Halloween spirit.

The cops and the town didn't see it this way though...

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