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A Tiger Got Loose And Was Shot By Atlanta PD, But Now We Have More Questions

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A 911 dispatcher started getting strange calls the other night. When the first Atlanta resident called in to say that they had seen a tiger roaming loose around their metro-Atlanta neighborhood, we're guessing the dispatcher thought it was a poorly executed practical joke.., but then as more concerned residents started calling in, it became a scary reality. A tiger. Loose. In a major metropolitan city.

The tiger, who was a star of the Ringling Bros., had apparently escaped from its enclosure while it was being prepped for transport.

Tiger during his circus act.

Police wondered how the fully grown female tiger, Suzy, had managed to escape to the Atlanta suburbs. The company that was responsible for transporting the large jungle cat didn't even realize that Suzy was missing until the truck that was supposed to hold her showed up in Tennessee, empty.

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