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A Wisconsin Company Wants To Micro-Chip All Their Employees

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We've all joked about being tracked or monitored by our bosses, but usually there's no basis behind it.

However, one company in Wisconsin is about to take that to a whole other level.

Three Square Market (32M) is a technology company which specializes in mircomarkets for work spaces. Micromarkets are like a more sophisticated vending machine, allowing employees a wider variety of foods using a self-checkout.

32M is now offering free implanted microchip technology to all employees. The microchip itself will be no larger than a grain of rice, and it takes only 3 seconds to implant. According to 32M, the chip is completely approved by the FDA, and has been for 13 years.

"At Three Square Market, we pride ourselves on being leaders in technology and responsible innovation," the company released in a statement. "The chip is not trackable and only contains information you choose to associate with it. This chip does not have GPS capabilities."

So what, exactly, will the chip be used for then? Continue reading to find out!

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