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Actor Steve Buscemi Was A True Hero On 9/11 And You Probably Didn't Know

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Wall Street Journal

Some people are placed in this world to make it a better place and actor Steve Buscemi is one of them. Believe it or not, Buscemi is nothing like his on screen characters, who tend to be villains and oddballs.

Way before he starred in iconic films and TV shows like Reservoir Dogs and The Sopranos, Buscemi was pursuing a completely different career path in his hometown of New York City.

Metal Floss

At just 18-years-old, after having worked plenty of odd jobs (including driving an ice cream truck), Buscemi took the FDNY civil service test and became a firefighter. A young Buscemi served on "one of FDNY’s busiest, Engine Co. 55 in Manhattan’s Little Italy," according to a Facebook post by the Brotherhood of Fire.

Buscemi spent four years battling blazes and saving lives before landing the lead role in Parting Glances (1986). The actor took a three-month leave of absence during filming, but his love of acting was far greater so he left the job. It would take nearly 20 years for Buscemi to put on his uniform and return to Engine 55.

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