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Angelina Jolie Was Recruited For A Secret Mission To Catch Ugandan Warlord Joseph Kony

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She's played a crime-fighter and a secret agent on the big screen, but a new report reveals Angelina Jolie almost became part of a real life spy mission.

Leaked e-mails reveal Jolie was recruited for a dangerous mission.The Daily Mail

The Oscar-winning actress is as famous for her philanthropy as her movie career. She is a longtime United Nations High Commission for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador, using her celebrity status to draw attention to issues around the world. Her work for children and women has earned her recognition, including the Citizen of the World Award.

Jolie has made dozens of trips around the world as a UNHCR Special Envoy.UNHCR

So maybe it's not so surprising that the International Criminal court approached the actress, hoping to sign her up for a dangerous mission to capture the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. Details of the daring plan were leaked in a set of over 40,000 documents obtained by French website Mediapart.

Kony is still a wanted man.AP

Kony was the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army militia, and is wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity, including for abducting children who he trained to fight as child soldiers. Famously, he was the target of the "Kony 2012" social media campaign, which hoped to help capture the warlord.

By the time Jolie was brought in on the plan in 2012, Kony was still on the loose with a $5 million bounty on his head, hiding in a heavily armored and guarded compound in Sudan.

That's when the famous actress was recruited to help bring him to justice...

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