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Baby Boy Born 2 Days After Las Vegas Shooting Receives Name Worthy Of A Survivor

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They began to army crawl their way to safety, but Travis's brother Cody ended up catching a bullet in his shoulder. They got out of there and immediately made their way to a hospital, both so that Cody could receive attention for his bullet wound, and so that they could make sure that the baby was still fine.

Two days later they welcomed their son into the world.

Markie and Travis were trying to decide what to name their new little miracle. Thinking back on the last few days that they had gone through they thought it best to pay homage to the strength of their new born son for making it through.

They named him Wyatt a name which comes from Old and Medieval English and is a combination of words which mean battle, brave and hardy, or more simply, strength in battle


It is a fitting name for a young child who has already endured so much, and he doesn't even know it yet.

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