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Bread Tags Have A Meaning And You Never Even Knew It

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Bread is a staple in most households around the world as it is an essential part of many diets. It is simple to make, pairs well with so many foods and easily fills you up. Also, there is quite nothing like the aroma of freshly baked bread. It truly is one of the simple pleasures in life.

However, some of us don't have the time or skill to make homemade bread everyday so we have to rely on the grocery stores. But how do we know if the pre-packaged bread is fresh just by looking at it?

Turns out there is secret code that tells you exactly how fresh the loaves on the shelf are! You know those colored tabs and ties around the top of a bread bag? They're not just for keeping your bread from going stale. They're a simple visual code that indicate which day of the week a loaf was baked.

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