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Chick-fil-A Will Give You Free Food, If You Look Like A Cow

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Business Insider / Hayley Peterson

Every year, since 1995, loyal Chick-fil-A customers have been delighted by the restaurant's cheeky Cow campaign.

When it first launched more than two decades ago, Americans couldn't help but laugh as the Chick-fil-A Cow tried to convince them to "Eat Mor Chikin."

It quickly became one of the more popular and recognizable ads, reaching millions on television, radio and the internet. The Cow became one of America's most popular advertising icons and was made a member of New York's Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.

A little over ten years ago, Americans were invited to channel their inner cow for a chance to savor a free entrée or kid's meal. Last year, almost 1.6 million entrées were given away for free.

See what you have to do to get yours this month!

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