Companies Are Rushing To Change Their Labels Due To New Consumer Trends

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For many years, there have been certain code words that trigger a potential consumer's brain to decide if they want to buy a specific food.

Things like "artificially flavored" and "artificially colored" tend to turn people away from a product.

"Low fat," "naturally sweetened," and "added vitamins" were a good sign, and what most shoppers chose to purchase.

However, according to recent studies and surveys, consumers are looking at brand new words to help them decide what food they'll be serving to their families.

“Consumers are changing their definition of health and wellness,” said John A. Bryant, chairman and CEO of The Kellogg Co. “We go back over time, health and wellness was defined as lower fat, lower calorie, defined as added vitamin fortification, etc.

An example of what consumers were looking for in the past when reading labels. Amazon

The change is becoming a bigger factor in how companies market and produce their foods.

“To address this, the company is going through the largest innovation program in history as we aggressively change our foods to ensure they are on trend with long-term needs of our consumers," says Bryant.

So what exactly is this new trend in label-reading that companies have to adjust to?

Continue reading to find out!

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