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Deadly King Cobra Ventures Into Village, But You Won't Guess What He's Looking For

Humans and wildlife tend to keep their distance from each other, so when one of the most venomous snakes on the planet slithered into a small village in southern India, people knew something was up.

The deadly 12-foot-long King Cobra felt threatened, but not by the villagers. After days of extreme drought, it was desperately looking for a drink of water.

Rather than be fearful of the huge creature, which can "stand up" to reach a human's eye level before attacking, the villagers called a group of wildlife rescue workers together to help the snake. While one man held the snake's tail, another man approached it from the front with a snake catcher in case it decided to attack.

But the cobra wasn't planning anything of the sort. It patiently waited until the man uncapped a water bottle and splashed a little on its head. Once the cobra knew it was about to get a sip, it greedily drank right from the water bottle in the rescuer's hand!

Watch what happened here:

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