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Dog Starts His Own Charity To Raise Money For Shelter Animals

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These days it's not uncommon to see a dog with a job, like helping someone find their way around or deal with their medical condition, but Davos the Bernese mountain dog is in a league of his own. The big and fluffy 6-year-old dog has started his own nonprofit organization, and he's raising money to support shelter pets.

It all started when Davos' owner Al Cooper trained him to retrieve golf balls he had hit into the rough (Al didn't plan to, but he hit a lot of balls off the course and Davos was happy to pick them up).

Cooper started selling the balls for 25 cents each, and used the extra cash to pay for Davos' treats. Then, the dog had a better idea.

Al Cooper / Facebook

According to cooper, Davos got the idea for his charity business when he saw a Humane Society ad on television.

"He’d just cry his little heart out when he’d see those commercials,” Cooper says, so he and Davos decided to put their business to good use.

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