Elderly Couple's Drive-Thru Moment Will Make You Believe In True Love

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With everything that has been transpiring in the United States and around the world, it's really easy for us to forget that there is still lots of good and love in the world.

This week, a pastor in Tennessee shared a post on social media and it has been burning up the internet for the real display of true love it showed.

Pastor Brent Kelley, 34 and his children were out for some ice cream at their local Sonic in Franklin when he witnessed a heart-warming moment between an elderly man and his wife that he couldn't help but share with his friends on Facebook.

Pastor Brent KelleyFacebook/Brent Kelley

At first glance it isn't clear what the couple is up to but take a look at the picture below and see if you can figure out:

Facebook/Brent Kelley

Do you see it?

Well, turns out Monday was a scorching hot day in Franklin and since ice cream is pretty much the best way to cool down. The old couple decided to get some from Sonic, but it seems like the woman was too tired or weak to get out of the car so her husband decided to take matter into his own hands and spoon feed the cold treat to his wife.

So today, I took the kids to the pool and we stopped for ice cream on the way home. When I got my ice cream and pulled...

Posted by Brent Kelley on Monday, July 24, 2017

Since Kelley shared the photograph online, it has touched thousands of hearts and a few people came forward claiming that they seen the old man do this for his wife before.

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