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74-Year-Old Walks For Hours Each Day, Trying To Find A Kidney For His Wife

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During rush hour, drivers trying to get home to their families see lots of signs for all sorts of things. But Wayne Winters's sandwich board isn't advertising a business.

Winters walks for miles each day, trying to find a donor.FOX 13

If you're driving down the busy roads of Farr West, Utah after work one day you might spot the sign he wears with a simple message in bright red letters: "NEED KIDNEY A- 4 WIFE 675-0278." It's an unusual way to find a kidney donor, but Winters is willing to try anything.

Wayne and Deanne married 26 years ago.FOX 13

He met his wife Deanne 26 years ago, and until recently they lived a happy life together. But Deanne's recent diagnosis of stage five kidney failure has put her life in jeopardy. She needs dialysis, and time is running out to find her a matching transplant.

So for hours each day Winters pounds the pavement wearing his sign, marching for miles in the hopes of finding a donor. He got the idea after hearing about similar signs that went viral and attracted a lot of attention. "I don't walk real fast," he told Fox 13, but he "felt like I needed to do something" to help his wife get better.

Deanne has stage five kidney failure.FOX 13

But Winters isn't just helping his wife, there's a different message on the other side of his sign, and it's just as important...

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