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Fabulous Moolah's Life Outside The Ring Will Change Your Opinion Of Her Forever

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If you know anything about wrestling in the 1950s, you knew Fabulous Moolah in all her glory.

Mary Lillian Ellison kept us all entertained with flying drop kicks, flying head scissors, and hair-pulling body slams. Fabulous Moolah spent more than 50 years as the leading lady in the women's wrestling circuit.

In 2007, Fabulous Moolah had shoulder replacement surgery which unfortunately lead to her death. According to her daughter, the iconic wrestler most likely died from a heart attack or blood clot.

However, even after her death Fabulous Moolah is well-respected in the wrestling world. What most people may not realize, however, is just how scandalous her life was!

Continue reading to find out about her alleged sexual exploitation and corruption.

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