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Woman Found 42 Years After She Went Missing Thanks To A Faded Photograph

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While the family of a missing person never stops holding out hope that their loved will one day return, authorities often let the case go cold unless they come across new leads. This is exactly what happened when a woman from upstate New York went missing more than four decades ago.

On August 3, 1975, 36-year-old Florence "Flora" Stevens's husband dropped her off at a hospital in Monticello, New York, where she was scheduled for a doctor's appointment. He was supposed to pick her up two hours later, but when he came back, she was nowhere to be found, according to the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.


For years, police kept their search going, hoping that they would one day find her. Even if she was dead, they wanted to find her remains so her family can have closure.

This past September, investigators followed up on a new lead after a set of unidentified remains that matched Stevens's description was found by the state police. They were unsuccessful in locating Stevens's relatives, but instead they found out something else that would lead them to Stevens.

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