"Full House" Star Caught In Nasty Child Support Battle Once Again

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Jodie Sweetin, best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner, has had a rough time bouncing back after Full House was cancelled in 1995. She only managed to score two more acting credits in the 90s, on the Lawrence brothers' sitcom Brotherly Love and on Party of Five.


She went on a downward spiral, and began battling a drug and alcohol abuse. The former child star eventually entered a 12-step program, which kick-started a decade-long recovery process.

It didn't happen overnight, but Sweetin eventually got clean, and took on hosting duties for a Fuse show called Pants-Off Dance-Off, which is how she met her first husband, Cody Herpin.

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The pair got married in 2007, and welcomed a daughter, Zoie, the following year. Sweetin and Herpin remained happily married while she embarked on a college tour to speak about her struggles, in hopes of inspiring at-risk students. Things finally started to look up for Sweetin.

Unfortunately, marital bliss did not last for the couple. Just a few months after their daughter's birth, Sweetin filed for a legal separation from Herpin. She cited in the report that her husband had stopped working after they got married, and they had been living on her Full House residuals. The report also revealed that their house was in foreclosure and all of their bills were overdue.


The former lovebirds went head to head at a custody battle, and Sweetin was ordered to pay $600 a month in child support. A few months later, the court once again ordered her to pony up extra cash to Herpin. She was to give him $10,000 in retrospective support, and $2,000 per month until Zoie turns 18.

Sweetin eventually started dating musician Morty Coyle, and they welcomed a daughter, Beatrix, in 2010. They became engaged shortly after, and tied the knot in the spring of 2012. They wouldn't reveal their marriage to the public until their first wedding anniversary.

"We had wanted to keep it quiet and intimate for a while, but felt that on our first wedding anniversary, it was time to share," Sweetin told People Magazine.

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Once again, the marriage did not very last long, and Sweetin filed for legal separation a few months after their second anniversary. She filed for divorce in 2015, and at the time Coyle told Us Weekly, "I wish Jodie all she wants out of life. Just like with Cody we'll all always be co-parents to those precious, loved girls and that's our unorthodox but supportive family forever."

She and Coyle agreed on shared custody of Beatrix, and since Sweetin had relapsed, they added an emergency drug test clause to the agreement.

However, their amicable co-parenting relationship began to get sour after Sweetin's career started to take flight again. She was cast in the Full House reboot, Fuller House, and appeared as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

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Coyle filed a plea for additional child support, and Sweetin has recently taken the next step in the ongoing battle.

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