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Goat Yoga Class Shut Down By D.C. Government

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Goats are considered to have "doglike" attitudes, making them sociable and affectionate animals to be around. Baby goats, well, they're just perfect then.

Studies show that more than 90% of people participate in yoga to help alleviate their stress. It's also been discovered that pets are excellent stress relievers, and just being in their presence can lower your blood pressure and mitigate the production of stress hormones.  

There are numerous yoga classes to entice all kinds of people to engage in the activity. You can participate in yoga in a cemetery, and even yoga while drinking beer. However, yoga classes collaborating with animals have become the new popular fitness trend.  

Kitten yoga is another popular animal yoga class.Bored Panda

When an Eventbrite Link offering a baby goat yoga class went live, people got really excited. The class session, which was supposed to take place at a Washington, D.C. brewery, sold out in a day.

The event organizers made sure the class did not violate any codes, but the D.C. Department of Health (DOH) shut them down anyway...

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