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Gordon Ramsay Reveals Health Issues That Forced Him To Cancel TV Show

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Gordon Ramsay is arguably the most well-known television chef out there right now. With 39 locations all over the world, his restaurants are touted as some of the best in the world.

Of course, most people know Ramsay for his abrasive, borderline abusive behavior towards contestants on Hell's Kitchen, but in reality he's just a doting dad who just wants things done a certain way. There's a stark difference between Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef Junior.

Ramsay is also known for Kitchen Nightmares, where he finds struggling restaurants and tries to get them back on their feet. Unfortunately, these places are usually so far gone when Ramsay gets there that they've violated way too many health risks to remain open.

In 2014, Kitchen Nightmares was suddenly pulled from the air, which many assumed was because of poor ratings or unwilling participants. However, Ramsay revealed there was a more serious reason he chose to put an end to the show.

So what happened that caused such a popular show to end so abruptly?

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