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Pennsylvania Grandmother Performs Death-Defying Stunt For 94th Birthday

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On your birthday, you want it to be special. Maybe spending time with family, going out for dinner, or blowing out candles on a birthday cake. And as you get older, the list of fun activities you can commit to on your name-day seems to grow shorter. But apparently, it doesn't have to!

Some people out there want to prove that age is simply a number, and that just because you look fragile it doesn't mean you can't have a thrill of your own. So in that spirit, here's a few old souls that have decided to put their seniors discount to good use!

There was that woman who asked if bungee jumping had an age limit

When Margit Tall told bungee jump organizers she was born in 1919, they thought she was joking. But all the same she wanted to take the plunge, and so jumped nearly 500 ft at 95 years of age. Way to go Margit!

Or this 77 year old kite surfer who's actually really good

David Cummings believes that this sport is more than a way to stay fit, as it helps him reflect on the long life that he has led and centers him to embrace what lies ahead. And there's no denying that he has fun doing it!

But Eila Campbell thought that she should go one step further in this video she posted for her birthday!

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