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20 Years Later They Realized The Dark Truth Behind His Book

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Some writers are so creative, you wonder how they do it. Some books are based off of personal experience, while others are strictly fictional.

For author Liu Yongbiao, he marketed his as fiction when it was actually entirely real. Not a big deal right? It is when the story is about quadruple murder.

The Book

Liu is a famed writer in China, and even had one of his books turned into a 50-episode television series. At the beginning of one of his fictional books, called The Guilty Secret, Liu teased of his next novel he was working on which was a suspense-filled, cold-case detective drama about an author who evades detection after committing multiple, brutal murders.

Liu's book, The Guilty SecretThe Guardian

The new book was called The Beautiful Writer Who Killed. Liu told readers he planned on having this book also be adapted into a big-screen movie because of the thrilling plot line.

If only they knew...

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