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He Ran A Marathon With An Empty Stroller But When People Realized Why They Stopped Laughing

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In late August, Troy Austin took part in the Sunshine Coast Marathon in Queensland, Australia and unlike other parent-child teams, he ran the entire thing distance while pushing an empty stroller.

Throughout the 26.2 mile course, Austin heard people commenting on his unoccupied stroller. Some onlookers asked whether he would be picking up his kid on the final lap, others jokingly quipped, "Hey mate you lost your kid," as the rest of the crowd giggled.

Facebook/Troy Austin

But for Austin, this was no laughing matter. In fact, the comments, especially the last one broke his heart even more, and he couldn't help but reply, “Yes, I have lost my son and I’m not getting him back!”

See, Austin never got the chance to meet his child. He and his wife Kelly, lost their first baby, T.G, at 27 weeks. Doctors were unable to detect a heartbeat during a routine appointment and after tests confirmed the unthinkable, Kelly was induced so she could deliver her stillborn son.

Facebook/Troy Austin

Since their heartbreaking loss, the couple have been doing their best to raise awareness about stillbirths. Austin turned to sports to cope with his loss so naturally running a marathon with a vacant stroller was the perfect opportunity to shed some light on an often overlooked topic.

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