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How To Protect Your Home From Ghosts and Spirits

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I never believed in ghosts or spirits. I just didn't think they were possible at all. That is, until, I started working my job right out of university. It was a retail store and though it was a new location, it was still haunted. Things would fall off shelves unexplained, lights would flicker, alarms would go off. Though I never actually saw the spirit...I knew it was there.

To think that we are the only beings on this planet or in the universe at all is rather self-centered, don't you think? Who's to say WE aren't the strange visitors?


Ghosts and spirits live all around us, but whether they choose to make themselves known is up to them.

Here are some signs that a spirit or ghost may be within your reach:

  • sudden changes in temperature
  • odd smells
  • something brushing lightly against your skin
  • things that seem to move around on their own

Spirits can also make themselves known in dreams. If these types of encounters make you uneasy, or you feel a bad vibe from potential spirits around you, there are some ways you can protect yourselves from ghosts and spirits.

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