Ignoring Intense Itching During Pregnancy Could Cause a Stillbirth

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Pregnancy does a lot of strange things to your body that you may have never experienced before. From heartburn to nausea, body aches and trouble sleeping, growing a human can take its toll on you.

For one mom, a complaint on Facebook could have actually saved the life of her unborn baby just weeks away from delivery.

Now she is warning other pregnant moms, not to ignore this sign that could harm their child.


After mentioning that her pregnancy was making her hands and feet extremely itchy, she was urged by online readers to seek medical attention. That's when she discovered that she has a condition that could have caused a stillbirth after 37 weeks gestation- just weeks away from a typical birth.

“The itching was so severe that I would wake up and I wouldn’t be able to go back to bed, and my legs and arms were scabbed and bleeding from the uncontrollable need to scratch,” Christina told CBS News.

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