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These Street Art Illusions Will Have You Questioning Your Own Eyes

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Walking to work everyday may get a little boring when you're surrounded by nothing but cobblestone, concrete, and asphalt. Even a patch of grass solemnly growing out of the crack in the sidewalk is better than nothing. That's why it's always fun to see artists adding their own creative flair to the world around us, though sometimes it's more than we can handle!

Make sure you don't get vertigo from looking at these mind-blowing images from some of the world's best street artists!

These stunning drawings by Julian Beever and Max Lowry that are scarily realistic

Or this one they created for Reebok to win the Guinness World Record for largest 3D street art

In Iceland, they made a 3D crosswalk that produces 'floating' bricks to slow down drivers!

Edgar Mueller likes to create different crevasse-type pieces that make you think you're about to fall through the world

Sometimes, they can seem as large as the scene they are meant to depict...

Other artists, such as Kurt Wenner, draw more elaborate scenes which are meant to represent a deeper artistic ideal

Check out more of these masterpieces that make you stop and question reality!

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