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21 People Who Are Definitely Not Getting A Raise Any Time Soon

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We all make mistakes in our jobs. It's impossible to be perfect 100% of the time, we are humans and accidents happen. The thing is, those mistakes are sometimes really funny for the rest of us. And lucky for us, we all have the internet so we can share these ridiculous failures with each other.

Whether it's weird signage, poorly made items, or other things that just don't make any sense, we've got all the best fails from the internet so that you won't feel so bad when you make mistakes at your job.

1. You tried, but you did so bad...

2. A rebel with a very bizarre and pointless cause

3. This gate is probably not the most effective at its job, but it is trying its best!

4. Please, I just want to go in the store.

5. Congrats! You got "3st" place!

6. This watermelon doesn't taste right...

7. I'm starting to worry that it's me who doesn't know the names of things...

8. This one may have gotten someone fired

9. I think someone did this just to spite me

10. Maybe we should just go to Target, this seems like a risk I am not willing to take

There's more fails to make you feel better about your own mistakes...

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