Kenny Chesney Opens Up About Losing His Home To Hurricane Irma In An Emotional Letter

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Residents of Florida and the many small islands in the Caribbean are no strangers to massive storms, but last week's category five hurricane, Irma, was the strongest Atlantic storm to make landfall in a decade. The winds reached over 180 miles per hour.

A state of emergency was declared for Florida and state officials issued advisories urging people to evacuate ahead of the impending disaster. The National Weather Service reiterated the warnings and said that there was even the possibility that South Florida "may be inhabitable for weeks or months."

As terrifying as it may sounds, they were not exaggerating the severity of the hurricane.

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Prior to making landfall in the sunshine state, Irma destroyed a few islands in the northeast Caribbean including Antigua and Barbuda and the U.S. Virgin Islands, where country singer Kenny Chesney owns a home.

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The star, who is currently on tour, wasn't on the island when the hurricane hit, but his abode in St. John was completely destroyed. He took to social media to share some devastating photos of the aftermath, accompanied by a heartfelt message including a vow to help those affected rebuild their lives.

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