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Lack Of Sleep Literally Eats Away At Your Brain

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Have you ever referred to yourself as a zombie when you don't get enough sleep? Turns out, you're not wrong.

A new study from Italy has found evidence that not getting enough sleep will actually trigger your brain to start eating itself. Yikes.

While You Were Sleeping

When you shut your eyes for the night (or a mid-afternoon nap, we don't judge) your brain is doing something pretty weird: it's forgetting most of your day. Your brain will basically wipe the non-essential memories from your mind that won't be needed ever again. This is why you probably wouldn't be able to identify the store hours you saw in a store window while walking by.

All day, your brain grows synapses in order to keep your memories in place.  At night, your brain goes through and destroys, or eats, all the synapses that contain irrelevant information and help keep important memories in your mind. Of course, this doesn't always happen, and that's how you end up forgetting about the big meeting. But in general, that's why sleeping is important.

However, not getting enough sleep can make things a little...well let's just call it cannibalistic.

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